E komo mai!

Welcome to my parlor! I am an entomologist in Hawai‘i, working on the evolution, taxonomy, and conservation of native insects. This site is intended both as an outlet for my research and photography and as a general resource for Hawaiian insect identification.

As the most isolated archipelago of high islands on Earth, Hawai‘i has a unique endemic flora and fauna. Many of the major components found in continents are absent or insignificant, while those few immigrants that did make their way here are often much more diverse than they are elsewhere. With over 6,000 endemic species, insects are the largest component of the native biota, but also the most poorly-known. There are hundreds of undescribed species, and hundreds more are difficult or impossible to accurately identify to species because no keys exist.

I currently work in conservation on O‘ahu, and do taxonomy in my free time. For more information, see the Research link above. I also do consulting, providing insect surveying and identification services. For more information, please